Patient-Specific Tablet Personalizations

Today's pharmaceutical industry in India is firmly founded and growing on the capability of producing low-cost life-saving drugs. However, this mass manufacturing has a large downside - the requirements of patients are very often unique, but the approach is that of a "one size fits all". Another problem is the number of pills - patients with multiple disorders may also need to consume a plethora of pills and doses, perhaps in even liquid injectable form like in the case of diabetes. This can often lead to more practical problems of forgetting one or more medicines from a long list of daily consumption, leading to irregular dosages and ineffective results.

Medical 3D Printing is not restricted to just polymers, but is versatile enough to print tablets that have their Active Drug quantity customized to each patient’s request. This approach towards medicine needs to start with the Customer's requirements and needs, a solution that provides Customized Tablets is critical. Therefore we envision a solution where our Binder Jetting 3D Printer could be used to customize and dose individual drug tablets, allowing great flexibility in the choice of complex geometries that can be achieved.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube