Recreate human tissue for toxicological testing

The industry for organ replacements is a large one, and the complexities of organs greatly varies. There is no artificial method to create such organs currently, or even grow them entirely from stem cells.

Another problem which requires artificial human tissues is the testing of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. At the moment, there are three major Development Stages for any drug, and at each stage the number of incompatible solutions decreases. This is a robust mode of operation and saves a great deal of suffering on the trial candidates, but it also imposes a severe restriction on the pace of testing, and in our post-Covid world we are currently well aware just how fragile our economy and ecosystem is to such biological threats. Our medical community deserves better, 21st century tools and capabilities to fight the plethora of new diseases and ailments that humankind discovers.

Our approach to the creation of entirely new organs begins with the journey of creating new tissue samples - a critical stepping stone for a very long-term and difficult journey. In collaboration with ICT Mumbai, we are already having our printers recreate skin - the most common type of layered tissue that could help victims of severe burns. These tissues can also be used for toxicology screens and various other testing mechanisms. Contact us for more details on the research being conducted, and how we can help your mission.