How we can provide the perfect fit

Medical implants are structures and devices that are placed inside the body. Many implants are prosthetics, intended to support damaged parts. In India currently, implants are manufactured using biocompatible materials such as titanium for bone implants, allowing integration into the body without adverse immune system effects. This use of special materials requires stringent Quality and Safety checks to produce an acceptable product. These restrictions greatly raise the cost of production, and specifically in India are taxed when importing, resulting in an expensive solution that cannot be accessed by a large class of people.

To solve this issue, we attempted to circumvent both of these problems using our expertise in FDM 3D Printing. Our research on 3D printers that are specially adapted to use the biocompatible polymer PEEK to manufacture orthopaedic implants and provide the perfect fit so that medical practitioners can focus less on the engineering and more on the patient. These efforts are thanks to a research grant by BIRAC, so solutions are still in R&D. We encourage interested parties to contact us for details on how we can collaborate to bring this solution to the right people.